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Turn Grammar into a Game

By incorporating games into your lesson plan, your students will not only stop dreading grammar lessons, but they’ll actually look forward to them.
Board games, such as Go to Press! A Grammar Game, are sure to be a big hit with young students, and will have them giggling too. In this unique game, students try to create a complete newspaper by moving from department to department (such as entertainment, sports, weather, etc.) finding and correcting errors in the headlines. The goal is to be the first player to return to the boss’s office and say, “Go to press!”
If you don’t have access to board games, there are still a number of activities you can have students participate in. Create a crossword puzzle and use the clues to get students to practice critical thinking skills about the grammar lesson of your choice. Or, try playing a game of hangman to get students focused on adjectives.

Make Grammar Something to Sing About

Children love to sing, and singing can certainly be used to teach English grammar. One way to do this is to sing out the words to common songs or rhymes they already know, and have students point out certain focal points.
Take the following, for example:
“I’ve been working on the railroad, all the live long day
I’ve been working on the railroad, just to pass the time away
Can’t you hear the whistle blowing, rise up so early in the morning
Can’t you hear the captain shouting, Dinah blow your horn”
What verb tenses are used in this song? Where are the nouns? Are the nouns singular or plural? What about prepositions or apostrophe use?

Getting Physical with Grammar

Children learn best by doing. Show your students the correlation between grammar and the activities they do everyday. Taking them out to the playground and having them jump rope, run, or play ball to demonstrate the importance of verbs (or nouns, adjectives, or prepositions) is much more likely to get your point across than discussing these same concepts while your children listen quietly from their desks.
Another major advantage of getting your students engaged in physical activity is that it breaks up the monotony of classroom learning, and helps reinvigorate them; especially important if you notice they are getting restless or bored.

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